What are the different forms of cannabis?

Cannabis is a popular drug which is extracted from the cannabis plant. The cannabis is taken in various forms. The users prefer to take the form which is highly convenient for them to handle. Some of the forms of cannabis which is available in current market like Karuna Health Foundation are discussed in this article.


This is a form which includes dried flowers, leaves and stem of cannabis plant. It is to be noted that these substances are extracted only from the female cannabis plant. This form consists of 3to20 percentage of THC. The most interesting this about this form is they are considered to be the stock material. That is several other preparations can be made by making use of this powdered substances. Marijuana concentrates are used for recreational needs.


This is another preparation from cannabis. This is available in the form of powder and is highly rich in trichomes. The users can consume it in the form of powder or they can compress them in order to take them in the form of cakes.


The hashish is nothing but the compressed form of kief. The color of this resin cake will get varied depending upon the purity. They are available in different colors which include black, golden brown and many. The way in which the plant is grown also influences the color of hashish to a greater extent.

Hash oil

This is nothing but considered to be the resinous matrix of cannabis. They are the solvent extract which is extracted from the cannabis plant. The most important aspect to be remembered about hash oil is they are highly potential. This oil is also mixed with other essential oil. In current scenario, the supercritical carbon dioxide and butane hash oil is more familiar in the market.


Basically the tincture is extracted from the plant using grain alcohol or any other high proof spirits. The tincture is also referred as green dragor. The name in which the tincture is sold will get varied depending upon the company in which it is being manufactured.


It is to be noted that there are different types of cannabis infusions. They are considered to be non volatile solvents. The plant mixture will be mixed with the solvent and they are pressured in order to extract the oil. The solvents like cocoa butter, glycerin and other related solvents are used in this process.