Want to earn free bitcoin – Find the top ways

Bitcoin price

Bitcoin is a digital currency. Why not to sell goods and services in exchange of bitcoin. IT gives you complete freedom for selling anything to anybody without going through the banks and financial institutions that can prevent you doing so. Suppose you’re already selling, then why not to accept the bitcoin as a payment. As the matter of fact, there’s the huge list of the businesses that will accept free bitcoin.  So, these are a few ways that you may earn free bitcoin. Suppose you select to mine and invest, it’s very important you do a lot of research if possible and get prepared for possible outcomes.

Bitcoin Mining

It will be impossible talking about how you can earn money with BTC without even mentioning “mining“. We know how simple it is; just setup the home computer and join global network for solving complex cryptographic puzzles needed for blockchain ledger, and you will awarded with the free Bitcoins for the trouble. Indeed, many participants in early days made huge profits from Bitcoin mining.

Unfortunately, for many of us, it is no longer the choice as an astronomical costs for buying & running complex computing equipment required for the Bitcoin will far, far outweigh profit made. This said, it is possible for people with the powerful processors to earn money just by mining the alternative digital coins.

Cloud mining, and renting people’s mining tool so that they will mine for you, will be another low-effort choice that sounds very appealing. But, some legitimate mining companies exist, and scams are rife thus investigate potential companies completely before going ahead.

Cryptocurrency lending platforms

There are a lot of investors who are already holding Bitcoins & watching cryptocurrency market over a long term. Interestingly, there is another way to earn money here.