Value of Identification and list creation in advertisement Agency

advertisement Agency

Identify the companies that can meet your needs. It is not the same a small project that has to see the light in the short term that a comprehensive project that will include all the annual advertising actions of the client company.


 At the time of choosing the agency, take into account its scope of action, as the agency offers several service proposals, the better it will be for the development of the project. An agency specializing in advertising and marketing on / off line will always be better than one specialized only in one of these areas (Cost savings for work volume, graphic standardization, greater overall uniformity of the campaign, savings in productive processes, etc … the advantages of an advertising company specializing in the branches on / off line).

Briefing: Prepare a good Brief that allows the agencies called to the contest, to know everything about the project that you want to make. Do not hesitate to include in the briefing:

  • Objectives of the campaign.
  • Past experiences (if any).
  • Budget for the campaign.
  • Calendar of actions by objectives. When we want work, and how we want people to see it, it will be decisive.

Personnel: It is interesting to know with what personnel the advertising agency counts, and the specialization of each one of them.

advertising actions

State of the agency:

Another relevant aspect when choosing an advertising agency, will be the number of accounts that the agency currently has and its experience. Do not hesitate to request examples of previous work, and all the relevant information regarding the solvency of the advertising company and its current status.


When the advertising agency like  makes the presentation, make sure that it focuses on the objectives you requested in the Brief, and that the company has adhered to the information you provided. It is not the same as the agency to advise, to which the agency disposes.

Communication and empathy:

 It is necessary to establish an interlocutor between the applicant company, and the advertising agency, for this, make sure that the interlocutor of the advertising agency will have sufficient empathy and will do everything in his power to, on the one hand maintain a good relationship in the communication, and on the other, know how to interpret the needs of your company, and transfer it correctly to your production team.