How to become a better player in Apex Legends? Find out here

Apex Legends

It has been more than a month since the Apex Legends makes its way to the mainstream video gaming world, however it is already a massive player base is still constantly growing massively around the world because of its new approach in the battle royale genre of video gaming along with its new innovative features that further take this genre to a whole new level.

learn for Apex Legends

With all these new features that are fresh to video gamers and appealing to them, there is a lot to learn especially for a rookie gamer. To help you out on this, here are the eight tips and tricks that you can learn for Apex Legends that will surely put you in the right path of becoming a better gamer especially if you are not using apex legends hack or an apex legends cheats. For more information about this article, check out this link

  • Fly farther and faster- One of the most popular maps, the King’s Canyon is known for many players to deploy there for countless times already and have often landed just barely a second later than an enemy squad, which results in them in snagging good weapons off the floor before you can get one, it can be very dangerous to fly slowly or land off your mark in Apex Legends because of its fast-paced style of gaming, and a lot of squads could be around your area immediately swarming you with enemies from all direction. It is extremely vital for you to land optimally and arm yourself before other players can get. The most essential thing that you have to remember when flying does not fly in a straight diagonal line. Gliding directly towards your destination in a diagonal line is very inefficient when it comes to speed and the distance that is covered. What you need to do is to fly straight down to pick up velocity and glide through the sky until your speed is maintained.
  • Always stick with your squad- Do not stray too far away from your team when you are looking for a gear because there is only a lot of single individual out there who can do within a team in the game so it is extremely vital for you to work with your squad and stick to them no matter what the situation is. Being a lone wolf in Apex Legends is a bad idea because of its fast-paced nature of gaming and an enemy squad could be just around somewhere within your range and can ambush you at any moment and fighting outnumbered is very disadvantageous so make sure you are with your squad and contribute fairly.
  • Remember your role in your squad- As a rookie, you should familiarize the Legend that you are playing and understand your Legend’s abilities. A single squad is composed of three legends, all equipped with unique and situational skills that are complemented with each member of the squad. It is important for you to remember that a certain Legend will always be better for a certain task within the squad. If you are able to use the Bloodhound for your team, you should let him be the one on the frontline of the team instead of you considering that the latter’s ability is to revolve around and spotting enemy players on the map or simply he is the scout which can be enhanced by using an apex legends aimbot.
  • Familiarize yourself with the ping of the game- Of all the countless elements of the Respawn design of the Apex Legends is its ping system which is actually considered to be on top of the list. By default, you can ping with the scroll button of your mouse if you tap the scroll button, it will give you a basic ping or if you press F on your keyboard your ping will be spot an enemy. If you hold the scroll down button, a menu will open up with the eight different ping options you can choose.
  • Share the loot to your squad- If you looted good quality gear that you do not need, drop it for your teammates. Just like other battle royale games, your inventory space is limited which therefore you can only choose a limited number of items you can put it in your inventory even if you are using apex legends coins hack or have earned a lot of apex legends free coins. If you are able to share your looted items to your teammates before you ping it because that might be more useful for them than to you especially if you are already using the advantage of apex legends hack tool and apex legends hack apk.