How much do you know about Notary?

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Notary services can be defined as the function performed by public notaries in the exercise of such quality, that is, if a public deed is granted before a public notary, it is clear that this act should be considered as a notarial service, and if There are several public deeds we are before notarial services, which are not only limited to public deeds, but are a variety of documents, and to know them you must study the notarial law, on which the doctrine has published few investigations. Click here for notary services pittsburgh pa.

Who is the notary?

Notaries are State civil servants required to provide citizens with the legal certainty guaranteed by the Article 9 of the Spanish Constitution within the context of extra-judicial legal dealings. They are also legal professionals practicing under the rules of competition. This dual status guarantees their independence. Visit this site for notary services pittsburgh pa.

You are entitled to select any notary you might prefer. Notaries compete with one another essentially on quality: look for the notary who best impartially advises you, and raise any queries that might occur to you. Notaries are required to advise you and provide the notarial services you request of them.

Highly skilled, notaries are approachable and impartial professionals who are there to help you, advise you and guarantee that your contract or transaction comply with the legality. Notaries guarantee legitimacy and security for both private individuals and for the State.

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Notaries are

Guarantee of certainty and legality

The notaries’ purpose is to ensure that the contract, business or declaration complies with the legal requirements and is unimpeachable. The public deed is irrefutable in the presence of court: no one can question its veracity.


Signing any document before a notary offers the peace of mind that the transaction or contract is definitive, permanent and effective.


Given their geographical distribution, you will always be able to find a notary close to you, and have total freedom of choice.

A highly qualified professional

The access to the Notariat requires intense and thorough study, confirmed by means of a rigorous and objective selection process. Notaries constantly refresh their professional knowledge at the regional, national and international levels.


Notaries are only bounded by Law.


Notaries aim to pursue progress and anticipate new social and technological demands, permanently adapting their functions in accordance with all innovations.


The cost of notarial intervention is far lower than the social and economic costs that it avoids. Only a small part of what is paid at the notary office corresponds to the notary’s own invoice. Most of the amount is a provision in order to cover costs, the fees of registrars and other expenses accruing that the notary pays on behalf of the client.