Hide Your IP Address:  What Is a Web Proxy?

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An online proxy or most commonly known as web proxy is a kind of method where you can hide your IP address from the websites you visit online. Online proxy is a bit the same with search engines, and because of that, it’s so easy to access. Using an online proxy can make your searching look like you’re accessing a certain web page from somewhere else – dummy location.

Online proxy will serve as a protector between you and the website you’re planning to visit. For example, if you visit a certain website through a web proxy, the websites will detect a certain IP address is obtaining its server, however, the IP address is not yours because the traffic between your gadget and the web server is passing through the proxy server.

free proxyOne way to describe an online proxy is, it serves as a middleman between your address and the website. If you request to access a certain web page through an online proxy, the reality is that you are only telling the proxy server to access that certain web page. Because of this, the online proxy will receive the page you want to visit, and the proxy will send it back to you.

Actually, this kind of scenario will happen on loop and fast, resulting from browsing the website while your identity is hidden and your real IP address is not given in the public.

Why Use a Web Proxy?

Actually, using a web proxy can give you a lot of helpful benefits. People who want a certain level of privacy use a web proxy for anonymous web browsing, in order for their searches to be private from their ISP (Internet Service Provider). It is used to as a protector to hide everything about your online searches, such as visiting a certain website you don’t want to expose or from other online culprits that might attack your confidential information and so on.

Most importantly, if you suspect a website that is tracking your online activity, it is advisable to use a web proxy to keep your confidential information protected. Moreover, Online proxy can also be used if a certain website is banned in your current location, it has the ability to unblock the site so you access the page. In addition, if your IP address is blocked from a certain website, web proxy can give you the rights to unblock that site from providing you a new IP address.