Decentralization is one of the main advantages of Bit coin currency

Bit coin currency

Perhaps the main factor that acts as a locomotive for the development of cryptocurrencies is the presence of a blockchain. It makes it possible to carry out financial transfers without involving a third party. All information is recorded in blocks that take their place in the overall chain. It is open to all participants, but it cannot be changed. It is also impossible to hack or delete blockchain data, since it is not stored in one place but is duplicated on all computers on the network.

Blockchain technology allows financial transfers in any quantity and direction, and at the same time does not depend on intermediaries in the form of banks, other private entities or the state. When using traditional payment systems, they can influence the transaction: delay it, require additional documents/confirmations or reject it altogether. This is not the case with digital currencies. You simply indicate the transfer amount, wallet, the system removes the network commission and the funds go.

Blockchain technology


Volatility is an ambiguous coinbase fees argument in favor of the strengths of cryptocurrencies. It allows you to increase capital in a short period, but because of this, it can also be quickly lost.

But there are more advantages in this aspect. Beginners have a hard time, but professional traders have huge profits. To stay in the positive they are helped not only by a deep analysis of the market but also by the presence of a wide range of orders and trading bots. Proper use of them can reduce losses under adverse market conditions and maximize profits.