Automotive technical control: regulations and obligations

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The technical control is a periodic examination which concerns all motor vehicles of less than 3.5 tons. Mandatory since 1992, it must be carried out before the fourth year of the vehicle, then every two years, in an approved technical control center.

Car rental: profit on four wheels

Car rental is still a very popular business in our country. Among the fellow countrymen there is a myth that only the richest people can afford to rent a car and to run such an activity, huge expenditures are needed that may never be paid back. Meanwhile, Poland is a market with great potential.

Car for tourists

The second pillar on which car rental companies are based is business customers. Companies rent vehicles for their guests, but also for employees who do business in another city. The costs of renting a car are lower than, for example, the cost of employee taxis. In addition to a short-term rental, the so-called medium-term rental, which lasts several months? It is used by companies that in a short time must create a fleet of cars designed to service a specific project within a certain period. As a result, they do not have to bear the high costs of buying new vehicles and do not have to keep them when the project is completed.

However, the most important is the so-called assistance clients, that are insurance companies that rent cars as replacement vehicles for their charges. Number of  brake service marysville wa available.

brake service marysville waCar from the airport

Car rental companies most often operate in the vicinity of airports or railway stations, but you can earn money on renting cars even in cities with less than 100,000. residents, because competition in such places is much weaker. Also, it is easier to find a parking space in smaller cities, which should be near the office.

When starting your business, it’s a good idea to buy one or two vehicles from every popular segment, and expand your fleet only when we know the market and find out which cars in our region have the most demand -.  In a better situation, there are people running franchise car rentals, because they can use the knowledge and experience of the franchiser, they also have easier access to the vehicle fleet. Thanks to this, instead of worrying about financing further purchases, the franchisee can focus on acquiring customers. The biggest problem faced by future car rental owners are the costs of creating and later maintaining the fleet. Vehicles can be bought on a loan, leased, or a long-term rental offer.