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What are bed bugs?

If you see that some bugs are sharing your bed when you sleep then pest off the website is best for you. These small creatures are the blood-sucking insects that commonly hide in your bed frames and mattresses as well. These bed bugs can quickly spread into your bed. When they bite you then they can cause severe itching and discomfort to anyone in your house. They are generally one of the most difficult bug infestations to get rid of but when you call pest off then it will be an easy job for them.

bed bug

What do you know about bed bugs?

These bed bugs are usually flat in appearance, reddish-brown in color, and oval insects. Bed bugs can grow up to 3mm to 5mm long in the size. The bed bugs usually spread into your bed and mattresses. You can also found these bed bugs in some public areas, usually cinemas, transport for the public, etc.

They use the protein in the human blood to reproduce. These insects lay around 4 to 5 eggs every day, and in their lifetime they can produce around 500 eggs.