Advantages of employing outsourced secretarial service

In this day and age of quicker and faster internet, email, file transfer, and so on, it is frequently preferable to engage a skilled PA or secretary who provides company secretary service at the end of broadband and phone connection rather than employing the equivalent staff on site.

Office expenditures are constantly growing, travel is becoming so tough that employees routinely arrive weary and often late, and employers are becoming increasingly tied down with employment legislation, making it difficult even to fire inefficient employees. Simultaneously, broadband and related technology are improving and becoming more widely available.

Enter the Virtual Assistant, Virtual Secretary, or Virtual PA. Skilled, motivated individuals at the end of a broadband connection that you can turn on and more off as needed.

Using a temp staffing service is another effective alternative to hiring permanent employees. You do, admittedly, avoid the commitment that comes with hiring employees regularly, and most temp workers are competent – but this service is not cheap. However, the majority of virtual PAs, secretaries, and assistants work from home, and you are ’employing’ them directly as self-employed individuals.

There are company secretary service like copy typing, data input, audio transcription, spreadsheet production, proofreading, and so on. However, many online secretarial service providers will also produce PowerPoint presentations and, in some cases, desktop publishing, mailshots, and graphic design. Only a limited percentage of virtual PAs and secretaries can generate export documentation and letters of credit for shipping. This is, of course, a specialized profession that necessitates meticulous attention to detail.

So, the next time you’re pressured against a deadline to prepare a report, a critical quotation, a manuscript, meeting minutes, etc., try speaking with a Virtual PA, Virtual Secretary, or Assistant. And remember, it makes no difference where you or they are because they are instantaneously available at the end of a broadband connection or the humble telephone!