Actions which can make our loan getting process smooth

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Before opting for a loan you need to be fully ready. You can take certain steps which will help you to have full benefits of a loan. That is why we are presenting this article to you. Click here for payday loans like wonga.

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Simulators are a very useful tool

Once we have all the information about the loan (interest, commissions, associated expenses and, above all, the APR) we can use simulators to know what we are really going to pay for the money they leave us and how the amount we are going varies to pay depending on the time in which we repay the loan. The simulator will show all the possibilities. In addition, as the monthly fee indicates, it allows you to plan the return time. Visit this site for payday loans like wonga.

Let’s study our negotiation margin

Once you have all the information, the applicant can negotiate with the lender. In some cases this is not possible because the conditions are fixed for all clients. But at other times, when negotiating with the bank, an improvement can be obtained, especially if the future borrower has a good financial record or a high payroll that supports him.

It is also possible to contract other products of the entity in exchange for a reduction in interest, but always be careful, see if it really suits us and know their conditions so that a discount in the price of money does not really mean an increase for the consumer. Banks do not want to lose customers, so if we show offers from other entities in which conditions improve, it is possible that they give in and make a reduction.

We have the right to desist

Once the loan is granted, the client can back down, cancel the contract. To do so, it has a term of 14 days from the moment the contract is signed or, if later, from the date on which the consumer receives the contractual conditions. The entity cannot penalize you for it and it is not necessary to explain the reasons for the withdrawal. In any case, the user must pay the capital and interest accrued between the date of disposition of the credit and the date of reimbursement of the money.

Monitor the financing in shopping centers

Some department stores offer their customers very advantageous conditions, for example at 0% interest, while others apply high interest rates that do not benefit the consumer. Comparing what the different stores offer us, we will see the difference between what it costs to postpone the payment of the same product in one and the other. It is therefore advisable to consult the financing conditions of each establishment before paying an item in installments.