Why you should stop patronizing paid streaming services and start watching movies online for free? Find out here

We all have our own opinion and when it comes to streaming movies online, our opinions are completely divisive maybe because of the entire legality of this trend that has been existing for more than ten years which turns out to be completely illegal when mainstream streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu started to ask its subscribers for a paid subscription.

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Well, watching movies on the big screen is usually expensive and not that practical anymore, how much more if you pay for a streaming platform that costs you more than twenty dollars a month for movies that you can watch at your local cable operator and series that are too teen-oriented, well maybe this is the main reason why online streaming sites that offer free movies and television series is still very popular nowadays.

Currently, there are around a thousand online movie sites that offer free movie streaming around the world. Each one of it holds a lot of promise to its patrons and movie aficionados because of its free streaming and downloading with just a simple click of your smartphone, laptop computer and other handheld mobile devices that are capable of internet connection and playing video.

If you are not totally convinced check out these valid reasons why you should start streaming movies online for free.

  1. Tons of choices- The majority of these online streaming sites that offers you free movies and series is that it has stored a tremendous amount of movies and series that are updated regularly in its content database. If you are a fan of classic films and blockbuster movies, there is a great chance that an online movie site or application might have saved a database of it for viewing and downloading purposes. Most online movie sites and applications can play movies in different genres that are accessible anytime, anywhere.
  2. No download needed- If you prefer torrenting, then you have to wait for hours to finish one movie or an entire season of your favorite television series, but unlike online streaming sites, there is no need to download, you can watch anything you want except explicit and pornographic movies anytime and anywhere you are as long as you are connected to the internet.
  3. Completely free of charge- People are hooked to paid subscriptions which are totally impractical for self-entertainment when there are a lot of free streaming sites out there. This does not discredit the experience you can have in watching movies in a cinema which is far more entertaining and immersive rather than watching it through your phone but you cannot watch all of the movies that are shown in the cinemas all at once. It costs a lot of money not to mention the food and drinks that you will buy with you while watching the movies there.
  4. Convenience- Online streaming sites are always available and are compatible with the majority of mobile devices and computers because you are only required to browse it with your preferred browser and you can start your movie streaming right away just like the couchtuner hd tv where you can watch great-quality movies and television series.