A Small Review About Emotional Support Dog

Emotional Support dogs provide companionship which has the healing and helpful effect for a person who has disabilities which can be mental or physical. These dogs provide support and comfort by providing unconditional love. These dogs provide assistance in psychological conditions like anxiety, depression, panic attacks and bipolar disorder. They also provide support and assistance in various emotional conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder or in suicidal thoughts.

The regular physician cannot recommend or prescribe the emotional support dog; it can only be prescribed by a mental health physician or any licensed therapist.


Psychiatric service dog and an emotional support dogs are different. The Service dogs are specially trained to do tasks for people with disabilities. These dogs are individually trained according to the need. The dogs can perform tasks which can be dragging a wheelchair, guiding visually impaired person, or even soothing or comforting an individual who is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The tasks performed by the service dogs must be directly correlated to the person’s disability. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) allows the persons with the disabilities to take these dogs along with them to public places. An emotional support dog whereas provides a medical or therapeutic assistance to the person with its companionship. The dog provides an emotional comfort to people with psychiatric problems or any other mental conditions The Emotional support dogs don’t need any special trainings but it is required that these dogs ease the disabled person’s difficulties. The presence of emotional support dog lessens the symptoms related with an individual’s psychological or emotional disability.

A person can also ask for help to get emotional support dog from his landlord or housing provider. The landlords then can ask the individual to submit the needed documentation required for an assistance dog. In this, the tenant or property owner does not need to disclose the type of disability but they have to provide the necessary documentation from the licensed psychiatric physician. Emotional support animal letter can also be provided by the therapist so that an emotional support dog owner can enjoy the benefits under several laws for housing and air travel.

There are no compulsion or rules in getting emotional support animal registered but is recommended as its not only legitimizes the emotional support animal but it also removes nearly all the problems and the chances of conflict which are faced when it’s not there. For the registration, there is National Service Animal Registry which registers your emotional support animal and it has very easy process for registration.