Introduction to Movie Industry and film niche


Recording and movies have always been part of our lives since the 20th century when movie industry started to develop and was ready to bring to the world another face of the reality. Even if it’s said that films and comics are for the geeks and their geek culture, I totally disagree these statement and would rather say that it is for the ones who use their imagination more than usual. This is a Niche Film that activates on the film market and can be found amongst all film niches.

Batman v Superman 2016 Movie trailer

Batman vs Superman is the last up-came superhero movie in which the featured characters are from the DC comics and are interpreted as Batman and Superman. In the universe company films, the second installment is represented by the DC comics. For the first time in the movie industry, this film will cover both first characters from the two movies with Superman and Batman. Now they will be under the same cameras at the same time and this thing represents an advantage that is going to make this movie even more popular even before its release. The first announcement regarding the production of this movie was first declared in 2003 in the USA, at the San Diego Comic-Con International event. The movie not only will be released in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D but will also for the first time be brought back Goyer and Snyder, in the year 2013. Furthermore, the pre-production of this movie changed its location and started at East Lost Angeles. The filming was done in Chicago and the first principal photographies we’re taken In Michigan and Detroit. 2016 will be the revolutionary year in the movie industry when this movie will be released.


The trailer of the movie not only pinpoints out the two conflicts of Lex Luther and Wonder Woman but also the one between the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader. The role of US Senator is being played in the movie by the Holy Hunter which brings with himself the judgement day saying that it is the day of the truth. Furthermore, the trailer is about how the judgement will be done on earth between humans and super-humans.


As to put it in a nutshell I would highly recommend everyone to watch this movie as it is the hit of 2016 in the movie industry. You can find more information here http://hzz8.com/ regarding DC comics or the Batman V Superman Movie.